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The site of Haiyao Metal Recycling, 200 Center St. Conshohocken, in the past has served Pennsylvania as a recycling scrap yard for more than seventy-five years. Now and in the future, Haiyao intends to carry on the friendly business you are so accustom too. Haiyao is one step in recycling process. We purchase and process your scrap, wire, copper, brass, aluminum, and more. And with our machinery turn the scrap into a form that the next recycler can easily turn into each metal’s pure form. There by taking what was once garbage and turning it into a workable, needed commodity. It is Haiyao’s hope to continue serving this area of Pennsylvania well into the future with the same friendly attitude of those in the past.

“Come step on our certified scale and at the same time get $CASH$ for your unwanted metals”

“We hope to see you soon”

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