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Haiyao Metal Recycling is a trusted and reputable provider of electronic scrap recycling in Conshohocken, PA. Whether your collection of electronic scrap was found in an old building or in your own inventory of outdated electronics, you can receive cash from them instantly at our location.

Insulated wire is found everywhere today. This commonly discarded item holds tremendous value, and you capitalize on that value by bringing your wire bits and pieces to us.

Believe it or not, the materials used to build the oldest computers are also found in the most modern pieces of technology. This is because the process of mining the materials used to create computer parts is extremely expensive and cumbersome. Most computer manufacturers prefer to extract these items from old and broken technology.

Whether you are looking to find these items for your own business or computer construction project or want to get money for your old computer parts, Haiyao Metal Recycling is the perfect destination. We serve as the perfect middle man. Not only is recycling much more convenient and affordable, but it is also more ethical. By decreasing the demand for the minerals used in computer technology, the disreputable mining operations in third world countries lose their influence.

Most of the items used to build electronics are found in places like the Congo and Sudan, where it is common for impoverished children to be forced to locate and mine these materials in horrible conditions. Not to mention that by using recycled material, you get a convenient tax break for your company. Do the smart thing, and get your parts from a reputable, domestic recycler like Haiyao Metal Recycling. Recycle your electrical wire and power supply items at Haiyao Metal Recycling.

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