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Haiyao Metal Recycling is an expert provider of scrap metal recycling in Conshohocken, PA. When it comes to this type of service, it is very difficult to find someone who will give you a fair price for your collected items. There are just too few outlets, and the possibilities for companies to take advantage of you are endless. Very rarely do scrap collectors have the leverage during these transactions. We are proud to be the exception.

We acknowledge the hard work and dedication it takes to find usable scrap metal. That is why Haiyao Metal Recycling offers the highest price for your items. We follow all the state and federal regulations for recycling, and we are completely certified. You can relax, and be confident that you are vending to a reputable organization. Selling your scrap metal to a party that is not appropriately accredited can incur legal penalties and fines.

Scrap can be beautiful when you reuse it to make all kinds of new things. Come on by our yard to sell your scrap metal for great prices.

We pay cash for all kinds of metals, like Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Insulated Wire, Lead, Aluminum/Copper Radiators, Electric Motors, Batteries, Electronic Scrap (old computer/laptop and parts) etc.

Haiyao Metal Recycling is always looking for stainless steel. This particular material is extremely useful. It is used for frying pans, armor, metal casing, and more. Industrial organizations are always looking for a reliable and trusted provider of this metal. Haiyao Metal Recycling is exactly that.

The difference between us and other scrap recyclers is that we pass down the value of metals when we purchase them from collectors. Therefore, if you were to provide us with a piece of stainless steel, we would pay more for it than scrap aluminum. We treat you as a professional provider of goods because that is exactly what collectors are.

As a local scrap metal yard, we are always looking for opportunities to improve the community. Our recycling for cash service gives lower income individuals the opportunity to make a profit easily. Find ethical and effective service at Haiyao Metal Recycling.

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